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Get to Know our Featured Horses! 

Each time we feature a horse, we hope you take the time to get to know them and understand them a bit better, how they came to be at Double R, and what their care looks like, please feel free to donate on behalf of each featured horse with the link provided below, please add the horse's name to the donation so we (us and the horse) can thank you! 

All About Country 

Country came to us several months ago with a severe case of the heaves! What are heaves in a horse well the best and shortest way to explain is a severe case of asthma. He could hardly breathe, had lost several hundred pounds due to struggling to eat because he could not breathe, was very lethargic, and could not gain any weight. He started off with an aggressive shot of steroids just to try and get in front of his heaves. We kept him outside in a pen that we kept a sprinkler on to keep the horrendous dust down. He had to have his hay soaked to also alleviate any dust and he stayed on a meal plan to have him gain weight. As many know steroids are not something you can keep a horse on in fear of founder and other health problems but we had to try and save this sweet beautiful boy! After we started seeing improvement from his shots we started him on some herbs that could go into his daily feed, be safe on his stomach and continue to (fingers crossed) see improvement. Well sadly he had another severe attack and we decided to put him on a 30-day nebulizer treatment. He was such a trooper with this treatment and would stand patiently each day for his treatment. As summer finally produced some grass we were able to put him to pasture, still getting daily feed and herbs to keep his breathing as normal as possible. It has been very slow but he has started to put on weight, his breathing has normalized and we hope that come winter we will have a plan to keep him comfortable and moving forward. 

We would love for you to donate to Country and his treatment as his herbs and nebulizer are not cheap. Please click the donate button found at the top of this page and leave me a message that says "For Country" so we know where to allocate the funds :) 

We want nothing more than to make this guy's life with us as relaxing and pain-free

 as possible, he is only around 20 years old and super sweet! He will most likely stay with us the rest of his life due to treatment and riding is probably not in his retirement years. 


 Featured Horse

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