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Meet Our Horses in Rehab

Eventually, all of these horses will be up for adoption or moved over to our sanctuary side. When horses are posted on this page they are in our mandatory quarantine because they are new to the rescue, this does not mean they are sick but this allows us to get them their shots and to monitor them to make sure they show no signs of sickness, injury or lame. This time also allows us to get a small idea of what type of home they would best fit into. 


Meet Spartan or loving, full of personality 14 year old gelding! Spartan came to us after he slipped under some fencing and injured his back, at the time his current owners were told to put him down, but they could not stand not giving him a chance and we are glad they did. Yes Spartan will need several months of rehab but he has come such a long ways and no matter if he is ever ridable or not this horse will enjoy a long comfortable life at Double R. Spartan is currently getting chiropractic work, and will be starting pulse therapy with us, he is happy and is currently comfortable trotting and loping out in the pasture. This beautiful boy loves people and has grown close to Page another horse we have in rehab at the moment. 

Spartan is also a horse that you can Sponsor, he will be requiring a lot of work moving forward. Please check out our Donation Page and leave a message stating Spartan is who you are Sponsoring :) 


Country is a sweet 16 year old gelding (going off teeth). Country is a laid back guy who is very easy to work with and has feeding times down and will meet me at the fence. He loads with ease, easy to catch, stands for the farrier, is UTD on all shots, we just had his teeth floated and cleaned his sheath (removing one of the largest beans my vet has ever seen) . He came to us underweight, most likely due to his teeth and the dirty sheath but he is on some supplements and has really started to turn the corner. He still has some weight to go, but his winter coat is starting to come in nice and healthy. We do believe he is broke to ride but will not throw a saddle on him until we feel like he is 100%. 

Country can also be Sponsored to help with his extra grain and supplements! 


Maddie is rehabbing due to an unknown injury she had before coming to the rescue. Maddie is a sweet 11 year old Standardbred mare who was saved by another organization from a kill lot. When we picked her up she had a head wound that was using puss, she was severely underweight, so stressed out that she would stand in one corner of her pen all day and weave back and forth. Her biggest issue was the fact that she had no balance, when she turned she almost fell, she only did a slow walk with an odd gait in her back end and struggled getting up when she laid down. Since coming to the rescue Maddie has been tested for everything under the sun, EPM, Kissing Spine, equine herpes, lyme disease you name it with her panel coming back clean. She currently has been under going a combination of chiropractic and pulse therapy. Maddie has turned so many corners you would not recognize her from day one. As pictured she now moves around her pen and the entire pasture with ease, she still is unsteady a bit in her back end (will never be rode again) but she trots, gallops and rolls with ease. She will continue care with us and eventually we will add joint supplements to her diet. Maddie still has a ways to go in rehab but we are so excited about the progress she has made so far! Side note, she has been in rehab for almost a year now, this is a slow process that we will not give up on and we continue to see her get stronger.  


We are excited to announce that for the next 30 days (or more if needed) Pip is going to be rehabbing on-site with Maddie at Maddies's Farrier. Anyone who has followed Pip's story knows that she came to us with hooves that were about 2 feet long on all 4!! After about a year of her staying on consistent hoof trimming, we found Maddie, and man are we excited. Maddie has agreed to take her back to her place so she can have daily trimming in hopes to correct the bar in her hoof and aliveating Pip's pain. Does this cost our rescue? Absolutely but we will do everything in our power to make our fur babies comfortable! 

Feel free to make a donation for Pip.

Leave me a note that says "Pips Care"

Can't wait for updates to start rolling your way! 

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