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Double R Horse Rescue

Every Horse Deserves a 2nd Chance! 


Anyone in the Midwest that has livestock of any kind knows the scary effects of this year's drought! This year we are in desperate need of 2 semi loads of hay (roughly 72 large round bales) and 200 small square bales both alfalfa and prairie hay at the very least. With hay prices climbing we are looking to raise around $16,00 to cover this cost. We are asking for this amount as large round bales are climbing over $200 per bale and squares are around $8-$10, this does not include the cost of having a semi deliver the hay to us. As a rescue, we are having a large demand of horses needing a place to safely land and we are having to turn them down until we know without a doubt that we have the funds or hay on our property to properly care for the increase of demand. If you would like to donate please click the button below or go to our donate page. Even $10 can make a difference. If you would like to donate hay please call Jami at 308 233 1010 to arrange pickup or delivery. The more hay we have the more horses we can save, so if we reach over $16,00 we want everyone to know that ALL funds raised for this will go to the purchase of more hay and grain. When donating please leave me a note stating you want to donate for hay :) 

We need your help to make a difference. 

Help Us Grow! 

Double R is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization that believes every horse deserves a second chance at life, even if that means living their life out at the rescue. Double R has been open for 10 years and has successfully rehomed over 800 horses and is now seeing a large demand in horses needing homes now more than ever! We have a 3-year plan to grow our rescue and allow us to make a LARGE impact on rescue in the Midwest. 


 Covid-19 has not just impacted the lives of so many individuals but also the lives of thousands of horses, many people have been laid off of work and are struggling to make ends meet, with that they are having to make the incredibly hard choice of feeding the family or letting go of beloved horses! Double R needs to grow to help save these horses from an untimely death at no fault of their own or their owners. We are looking to purchase more land, and build a 15-20 horse stall barn with an indoor arena for on-site training and fundraisers.  

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